Skeen Patch : my cell regenerator for the summer!

The sun is well known to accelerates the process of aging the skin!

Sunlight is the main factor in the skin-aging. Prolonged exposure to sun causes premature aging of the dermis: more and more deep wrinkles appear, brown spots multiply and, with age, the skin becomes less and less supple.

UVs act on the cells of the skin by breaking their DNA chain. Thus, these cells producing less melanin, collagen and elastin contribute to the accentuation of the aging process.

Under the sun effect, the skin dries and dehydrates. Uncovered areas such as the face, most affected, hands and décolleté are the most exposed. The sun effect will be greater and sooner on people with light skin than on those with darker skin due to a greater presence of melanin on the last ones.



The first sun exposures are important if you have been little exposed before. Go ahead gradually!

Prepare yourself a beneficent cure for the sun all the way!

The weather is nice! It’s hot! We take care of ourselves! We eliminate the toxins with a good Birch juice, we make a small purifying mask and on a clean skin, we begin double-quick our cure Skeen Patch post-sun. It reboosts our cells to accompany a beautiful goldenization which will last longer on a dynamized skin in good health.

To accompany your tan, why don’t you make some beautiful salads with few carrots, a lot of tomatoes and sweet peppers. Gorge yourself with melons, apricots and yellow peaches abundantly. Drink a lot!

You can also prepare yourself a mixture with your favorite 20 or 30 protection cream with carrot oil, very nourishing apricot oil, organic olive oil and a few drops of lemon. This will give you a gorgeous tan.

Make a cure of Organic Silicium in oral solution before going on holiday!

Silicium has many properties, including that before sun exposure, it prevents the appearance of spots or herpes that could be caused by the combination of stress and UVs, an excessive or too fast exposure to the sun.

Organic silica is the naturally occurring form in the main supporting tissues of the human body such as muscles, bones, joints, tendons or cartilages.

Note also that the silicium is a natural anti-inflammatory. Sprayed on clean skin, it soothes burns and quickly regenerates the tissues, preventing them from peeling.

To do this, 1) fill in a sterile spray bottle that you will find in pharmacy (and use it only for this purpose) some organic silicium, 2) spray the skin, then 3) let it dry in the open air. It is possible to feel slight tingling after application, proof that the skin absorbs well the product and effectively regenerates the tissues of your skin. The Silicium is a natural product that does not sting and does not cause side effects (allergies, etc.).

The last and the more important thing, the Silicium, combined with your Skeen Patch, strengthens and multiplies its action on the regeneration of your cells.


Although it’s strongly not recommanded, some of you prepare their skin to sun with few sessions of UV cabin. We can understand it if you don’t have the time to expose yourself to sun in a smooth way and you don’t want to look like a crayfish during your vacation.

In that case, do a Skeen Patch Face and BodyCorps cure the day before and the evening after each UV session and the following days.

You will strengthen your sun capital and repair the damage of this accelerated tanning process. It’s very important !

If you don’t see it yet, be sure your skin pays for it and your body will return you the lift in few years.



Les personnes qui brûlent leur capital soleil sont de plus en plus nombreuses et l’on voit maintenant des jeunes de 30 ans avec des symptômes qui n’apparaissaient pas avant 60 ans : des lentigines, des tâches disgracieuses, des plaques brunes sur le visage et le corps ou encore une accélération de l’hyperpigmentation, allant jusqu’à des taches noires.

There are more and more people burning their sun capital, and we now see 30-year-olds with symptoms that did not appear before the age of 60: lentigines, unsightly stains, brown blemishes on the face and the body or an acceleration of hyperpigmentation, up to darken skin surfaces.

If you are prone to stains, make a Skeen Patch cure for sun preparation and throughout your vacation, pair with, for example a cure of drinkable Aloe Vera (in pharmacy) with 1 teaspoon of organic turmeric, eat Papaya you can even rub it on your spots, and do not hesitate to put onions and parsley in your salads. Full blast on vitamin C and anti-oxidants!

Skeen Patch will act as preventive and as a care but will only reverse these phenomena unless you really do deep cures and in the long term.

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the risks of skin cancer are always located where the sun created lesions. Know that where you have sunburned, you have weakened your capital and you will have repeated sunburns if you do not act. Using Skeen Patch to repair the dermis deeply on these areas is an excellent health reflex.


SUNBURNS, Oh, Oh, Oh !

You fell asleep under the sun? A sunburn is a burn that damages your dermis and some areas often subject to sunburns such as shoulders, neck or décolleté, repeatedly, and it will be weakened for each future exposure. Painful and dangerous, a sunburn unfortunately happens to everyone in a moment of inattention. You should absolutely take care of overexposed areas in order to preserve your sun capital.

How to ?

Position the Skeen Patch as far as possible around the area to be treated, preferably outside the sensitive area, when it’s possible, and stimulate very gently. Cellular regeneration will accelerate the healing process and reduce the sunburn more quickly. So you can enjoy the sun again much faster.

Don’t expose this area to sun until repaired. Cover yourself with a beautiful hat that will make you look like a starlet or an adventurer, wear a wet cloth on the area. Moisturize your skin! Attention, depending on the degree of sunburn, blisters and blistering, apply a burning care cream like Biafine regularly and a “total sunblock” protection during the day, even under clothes.