Healing after breast cancer

Breast cancer brings many challenges related to its treatment but also to mental health.

If a mastectomy (total or partial removal of the breast) is carried out, one must also suffer the consequences. Firstly, psychological, with the acceptance of your new body (especially if there is no reconstruction). Physical as well, with the worries related to the healing process. And yet, the action of the microcurrent is beneficial in the evolution of the healing process in the context of breast cancer.

The healing process after breast cancer

Healing is the healing of a wound. It takes place in several stages with the help of our body cells.
Macrophage cells clean the wound by removing germs, bacteria and dead tissue. The so-called fibroblast cells then come into play toTissue healing after breast cancer produce collagen, which is essential for the reconstruction of the dermis. Finally, the epithelial cells cover the wound which contracts and can therefore close.

Breast cancer and its treatment lead to a reduction in the immune response, which can compromise the healing process. The macrophage cells of the white blood cells (which play a fundamental role in the immune system) are insufficient to destroy pathogens.

In the case of a mastectomy, the healing process can be very long and can cause problems that we will discuss.

Poor post-mastectomy healing

Questionable colour (too dark or yellowish), purulent, smelly or painless scars are signs of poor healing and concern. Contact your doctor immediately.
After the removal of a breast or part of a breast, the oncologist may recommend (further) chemotherapy to eliminate the remaining pathogenic cells. Such treatment may slow down or even affect the scarring process.  Keep an eye on your scar and if in doubt, talk to your doctor.

In any case, after the operation, you are likely to experience :

  • pain or discomfort related to healing
  • a lack of flexibility of the operated part
  • oedema
  • axillary flanges

However, this collateral damage is not irreversible and it is possible to improve the healing process.

Breast cancer healing tested by microcurrent

The regenerative micro current used by Skeen Patch activates cell regeneration. Thus, using Skeen Patch BodyCorps will stimulate macrophages. The healing process will therefore be accelerated.

It is advisable to start the treatment around the scarEven if it is still inflamed. Regular use of the microcurrent will produce the following effects:

  • a reduction in inflammation
  • better healing by optimising microcirculation
  • assimplification the part of the body treated
  • an release of scar adhesions
  • an reduction of oedema thanks to the draining action
  • an reduction of pain postoperative and wound healing
  • an increase in the productcollagen and elastin ion

It is also worth noting that a cure of micro-current before the mastectomy will reduce the risk of skin retraction and adhesions. In addition, in the case of breast reconstruction, your tissues will be more supple. Regular use of Skeen Patch Body should therefore be a must in your post breast cancer lifestyle.

The microcurrent will boost the activity of your immune system and promote better blood and lymph circulation.

What do we need to know about the benefits of Skeen Patch in the treatment of mastectomy scars from breast cancer?

In its primary medical use, microcurrent has proven to be useful in the treatment of scars, oedema and paralysis. It is therefore quite logical that its use is adapted to the healing of post-mastectomy tissue.

Read the Kine Actu article on the benefits of Microcurrent: https://www.kineactu.com/article/8496-skeen-patch-body-corps-les-benefices-du-micro-courant-regeneratif

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