How can you improve your blood circulation effectively?

Water retention, poor circulation or cellulite... summer's worries.

Discover our solution for light legs and toned skin.



In France, 1 in 3 people suffer from poor circulation and venous insufficiency.

Poor circulation can lead to painful varicose ulcers. Even when treated, these are slow to heal and can last for months. As a result, poor circulation and venous insufficiency can be a major handicap in everyday life.


The different stages of venous insufficiency


SKEEN PATCH BODYCORPS is your best ally for these issues.

Use at home, with no constraints.
In just a few sessions, Skeen Patch promotes and strengthens venous returnregenerates the vein walls, prevents complications and accelerates healing if the first signs of varicose ulcers appear.

Legs treated in 30 minutes

What about cellulite?

Mostly affecting women, cellulite can appear as early as puberty, and persists even in the most athletic women.

Cellulite is formed by fat cells located under the skin, within the hypodermisgiving the appearance of orange peel skin.

It reflects a malfunction that may occur as a result of :

. Compression of blood and lymph vessels passing through the hypodermis
. Problems with blood and lymph circulation, which also lead to water retention

Our solution: in-depth bio-stimulation of the programmed regenerative microcurrent by SKEEN PATCH.

The MCRP provides deep treatment for :

. Drainreduce oedema or water retention
. Reducing cellulite and reduce the appearance of orange peel skin
. Improve the blood circulation
. Strengthen and regenerate vein walls
. Reduce the inflammations

All in one session by a cumulative and synergistic treatment of all these factors combined.
The BodyCorps is easy to use, thanks to the codified treatment protocols supplied with the devices.

The results are fast and long-lasting!

Body application

Our tips for a light summer

Of course, taking care of your body also involves a healthy lifestyle!

Eat a healthy diet with seasonal produce, avoid processed foods that often contain flavour enhancers, including salt, which is a factor in water retention, and get regular exercise.