How to reduce wrinkles naturally and effectively from home?

With the current confinement to teleworking and video conferencing, our imperfections are more visible. It is quite legitimate to want to recover a beautiful skin and an effective but natural anti-ageing treatment. Beauty salons are closed during the lockdown, so how can you reduce wrinkles naturally and effectively from home?

It's time to turn our skin into an asset!

It is rare to have stunning results with anti-ageing products and creams that act mainly on the surface of the skin. They moisturise the epidermis but, without deep massage, do not boost the production of collagen and elastin. These treatments remain superficial in their actions.

So how can you enjoy an immediate facelift from home?

SKEEN PATCH offers you a natural treatment to help your skin regain its beauty and freshness for a long time and without constraint.


But before we understand how SKEEN PATCH works, let's try to understand WHY WE HAVE WRINKLES? 

Wrinkles appear with the skin ageing. The signs of this ageing are actually the alteration of the structure of the dermis. The dermis is the deepest layer of the skin. We find the elements that make up the structure of the skin: fibroblasts, collagen and elastin fibres, and hydrocaptors.

Over time, the dermis weakens and loses its density. The skin becomes thinner, drier and looser. It is therefore in the dermis that the first signs of skin ageing appear. It is in fact the support tissue of our epidermis. The quality, suppleness and firmness of the skin are lost. 

You should know that there are 2 types of wrinkles!

A distinction is made between "mechanical wrinkles" or "expression lines" and "static wrinkles". The former are caused by repeated contractions of the facial muscles. Static wrinkles" are caused by the relaxation of the tissues.

Other factors sometimes aggravate the formation of wrinkles and accelerate skin ageing. The sun, pollution, smoking, hormonal imbalances, poor hydration, stress, lack of sleep, but also our genetics. Unfortunately, we can't all have a perfect life!


How does SKEEN PATCH work to reduce wrinkles?

This is probably the time to test a new technique. SKEEN PATCH is the result of clinical research and was developed by the medical team of the French company I. Management.

Microstreaming is a new treatment natural, safe, painless and non-invasive anti-ageing. This technology has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1991This is a real innovation in the field of aesthetic medicine.

For 20 years, I. Management has been undertaking research and development work on the subject of skin cell regeneration. The company files a patent on a proprietary sequencing micro current frequencies dosed at 500 microA to name it MCRP (Programmed Regenerative Microcurrent). The results in the medical field are astounding. The MCRP acts on the consolidation of bone fractures, post-operative care, difficult healing and current research is on the possibility of making paraplegic patients walk again!

So imagine the results in the aesthetic field... this cell regeneration device completely reinvents anti-aging care.

Reliable, efficient and 100% naturalThis anti-ageing solution allows you to reduce and fill in wrinkles at home without any constraints. Each SKEEN PATCH is equipped with a self-adhesive electrode. It is placed on either side of the face, and the device broadcasts this micro current in a programmed way. Just switch it on, it works and switches itself off.

In terms of sensation, there is a slight tingling sensation, as a deep facial massage. This bioelectricity is able to wake up our tired and damaged cells to boost the production of collagen and elastin. 

The goal? Reconstructing the density of the subcutaneous tissue in the long term in order to obtain after 30 minutes, a healthier, plumped and visibly more beautiful and younger. 

Any other advantages?

In addition to wrinkles, thehe MCAA has a real sculpting action, it lifts, smoothes and firms the face. It is also a excellent anti dark circles and anti puffiness. 

But that's not all! It improves the quality of the skin, it reduces acne scars, dilated pores and couperose, shiny skinsmoothes the skin texture for a a healthy glow and a touch of radiance insured.

You now know that there is a miracle but natural anti-ageing solutionand accessible from home. If you want to test SKEEN PATCH it is here contact our customer service


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