How can bladder weakness be treated quickly?

Bladder weakness

What if we gave you the solution?

Disabling bladder weakness

It's often a taboo subject, yet 3 million people are affected by this social handicap!

Bladder weakness is embarrassing and disabling and ruins the daily lives of many people.
Going out is becoming a real hassle - you have to find the toilets in advance! This is one of the reasons why older people are so lonely.

But urinary incontinence affects everyoneMen and women, young and old, even top-level sportsmen and women. The causes are varied: post-partum, age or following physical trauma or illness.
It starts with the inability to hold back to go to the toilet, followed by leakage during physical effort or sneezing, and then total loss of control.

SKEEN PATCH BODYCORPS is the solution to urinary incontinence

SKEEN PATCH allows you to restore normal bladder function in a large majority of patients after treatment. After just 2 weeks, there was a clear improvement in daily life.
An outpatient, non-invasive and painless treatment, the BodyCorps is simple to use and follows a well-coded protocol supplied with the device. The results are constant and definitive. Once the results have been achieved, they need to be reinforced by a booster session every 6 months, with 2 to 3 sessions of 30 to 60 minutes each.
Thanks to the in-depth bio-stimulation of the regenerative micro-current of Skeen Patch in the lumbosacral areaThe sphincters and nervous system controlling the bladder are re-educated and gradually regain their functions.

Skeen Patch performs an innovative muscular re-education of the bladder: stress-related bladder weakness quickly disappears.
The result of 18 years of clinical research in France, the Skeen Patch medical device has been recognised by its peers and has been nominated for a number of prestigious awards. Prix Galien de Médecine 2017 & 2018a guarantee of modernity, innovation and efficiency.
Here, MCRP® is demonstrating its ability to improve disorders that have often gone unresolved until now: proof of its immense potential.