Skeen Patch private events: discovery workshops and private sales, register now!

Would you like to register for the SKEEN PATCH workshops? Make an appointment:

We welcome you in an exceptional location in the heart of Paris with petits fours and cocktails!

Come and test the SKEEN PATCH body and face devices free of charge and you will be able to appreciate the results before and after a microcurrent session. You will also be able to understand how it works in a cocooning atmosphere.

How exactly does it work? We apply the SKEEN PATCH Anti-Aging Face to one side of your face. We leave it on for 30 minutes.

After the session, we compare the side of the face where we applied the SKEEN PATCH with the other side.

Most of the time, Here are the results you will see:

  • One side of the face is "lifted": lifted.
  • Dark circles and puffiness are reduced.
  • The nasolabial fold is plumped up.
  • The skin is of better quality: excess sebum has disappeared and the complexion is unified.

For those who already have a SKEEN PATCH, you will not be left out!

It is also an opportunity for you to renew your electrodes at discounted prices (neck, clouds, and half moon for face and body, wired and non-wired), and to have further examples of applications for Corps enclosures. 

Indeed, there is a There are a large number of applications for the Body box, Do you know them all?

  • Concerning medical applications : water retention, muscle pain, ligament pain, bone pain, stress, insomnia, urinary incontinence, difficult healing...
  • For aesthetic applications: cellulite, orange peel skin, swollen belly, loose skin...

Finally, you will have access to the SKEEN PATCH Private Sales on boxes and accessories, up to -20% discount during these events! Take advantage of it!

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