What is the MCAA?

SKEENPATCH - The Anti-Aging Microcurrent


Anti-Aging Microcurrent


The MCAA or the Anti-ageing microcurrent is a new Bio-Aesthetic method that revolutionizes everything that is anti-ageing careon the one hand, and an extensive extensive body care that we are exploring to date. 

Discovered by two co-winners of the Nobel Prize in Medicine 1991Since 1995, MC has been used to treat bone fractures, wound healing, pain, etc.

In the 2000s, French doctors and engineers combined their know-how in electro-neurophysiology and micro-current to develop this MCAA programme.

Numerous clinical studies and tests in French laboratories have proven its effectiveness and safety. MCAA was developed in France and is protected by several international patents. MCAA has been officially recognised as one of the "proven medical bio-aesthetic techniques by the European Congress of Dermatology in Pragues in September 2012.

Medical Excellence

SKEEN PATCH technology

No doubt the world's smallest anti-ageing medical deviceBut his performance is among the greatest!

SKEEN PATCH is a technology that weighs less than 20g and whose Anti-aging microcurrent MCAA is capable of regenerating the subcutaneous tissue and restoring the skin's radiance, smoothness and tone.  

Under the action of the microcurrent, the stimulated cell produces up to 500% of ATP, the cellular energy essential for its growth. Cell division is encouraged, new cells are formed, this is cell regeneration. A unique innovation in natural appearance.

Awards and nominations

SKEEN PATCH ANTI-AGING wins the 2013 H. Pierantoni Prize for Innovation !  

SKEEN PATCH Body is nominated for the Prix Galien de Médecine twicein 2017 and again in 2018, in particular for the exceptional advance in medicine made possible by our work with the RCM on restoration of bladder function and the potential for recovery from radial paralysis.

Who are we?

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A real demand for more natural results

In 2012, the demand for less aggressive and safer aesthetic treatments exploded by more than 30%. The movement began in the United States and is now taking hold in France and Europe. Techniques more skin-friendly and personality-friendly have been developed. 

In 2013, reducing or filling wrinkles alone is no longer enough. Aesthetic medicine is increasingly focusing on new techniques that naturally improve the quality of the skin (brightness, tone, fineness of grain). 

The aim is to rebuild the density of the subcutaneous tissue in the long term (fibroblasts, elastin and collagen fibres), ensuring the filling of hollows and the maintenance of the oval of the face. It is produced active synthesis of new Collagen and Elastin fibresThe cell metabolism is normalized, restarted: the cell's metabolism is restored and the cell's metabolism is restored. Cellular metabolism is normalised, revived: the skin becomes healthy again. 

Thus was born Bio-Aesthetics which redefines the contours and gently acts on the natural plastic.

More efficient, stronger, more flexible


SKEEN PATCH's MCR biotechnology

The "awakening of the old cells". Skeen Patch's MCR microcurrent program marked the beginning of the first important discovery of Dr VO QUANG DANG's medical team. This has led to many applications in the field of Health, Wellness and Sport. The powerful action of Skeen Patch on neurotoxic and paralysing haematomas and oedemas allowed, among other things, the discovery of the mechanism of peripheral paralysis non-vital but very disabling (paralysis of the face, hand, foot, bladder).

Skeen Patch has successfully treated the majority of candidate patients. These patients treated with the RCM are changed from "disabled person" to "person with independent mobility".. Our work has been acclaimed by the scientific community. For this clinical medical research work, Dr VO QUANG DANG's team has been nominated twice for the prestigious GALIEN PRIZE for Medicine, in 2017 and 2018.

Thanks to our long-studied and patented regenerative microcurrent programs: Skeen Patch accelerates cell regeneration and thus allows for better repair, strengthening of the body's functioning, better resistance to disease and rapid repair of disorders. Our body carries out thousands of repairs every day with the micro-current it produces itself. We have understood and optimised this process.


in a way that respects our biology to boost our natural healing capacity.

5 years of Clinical Applications have enabled us to make more discoveries in situ and to perfect this unprecedented biotechnological innovation capable of offering exceptional quality of life and form. Let's face it: micro-current up to 650 μA increases the rate of ATP synthesis and allows - depending on the subject, since it is our own biochemistry that is activated - 3 to 6 times faster tissue repair and cell regeneration. In short, your body recovers its highest potential, acts better locally, and is supported in its repairing action where it could be blocked, encumbered or in difficulty. 

Microcurrent has been used for over 15 years in the medical field. It is by noticing unexpected and marvellous effects on aesthetics that it met our interest to develop specific beauty and anti-ageing treatments.

i.Management France

i.MANAGEMENT France is a French company that has participated in the to the development of the MCAA in the research and medical field. We invented the SKEEN PATCH SERIES II with "MCAA inside for beauty professionals, SPAs and the general public.

Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of MCAA without the intervention of a specialist and in complete safety. SKEEN PATCH obtained the CE conformity and the authorisation of theANSM for marketing in France and Europe. 

SKEEN PATCH can be used by beauticians in institutes. First reserved for doctors, then for beauty and wellness professionals, the new concept "SKEEN PATCH Series 2 with MCAA inside is now within reach of thousands of users who can now afford beauty care sessions at home.