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Skeen Patch Bodycorps acts not only on an aesthetic level but also on a deeper level. Its action on the level of the regeneration of your cells is diffused by bringing well-being and relaxation.

The Skeen Patch can be taken anywhere and used for many treatments all over the body.




A unique feeling

When the programme starts, the electrical pulses of the programme Skeen Patch BodyCorps will amaze you. Delicate and terribly pleasant, they provide continuous well-being. You can even easily take a nap during the programme! It is also advisable to set the intensity level to the point where you barely feel the effect. This is where the Skeen Patch programme is most effective. This should not be unpleasant for you in any way. The different positions of the patches target the areas you want to work on Legs, thighs, buttocks, stomach, kidneys, back, upper back and neck, arms, chest.

Attacking cellulite and shaping the body

SKEEN PATCH's MCR biotechnology

Your treatment Skeen Patch BodyCorps will treat the dermis on the surface as well as in depth: it will gradually restore healthy skinBy renewing the cells, your body will be able to remove surface grease that suffocate and distort it.

Disengaged, toned and revitalised, your dermis regains its normal texture and appearance, i.e. healthy. The skin texture becomes more velvety and smoother. From the first session, you will feel a clear sensation of being more hydrated. Better irrigated, as the fat cells disappear, Skeen Patch BodyCorps restores and optimises your natural curves. The leg treatment shows results very quickly. 

On the thighs, everything depends on the reaction of your body and the state of your dermis. The majority of cases see visible results from the first week.

The treatment on the arms depends on the initial volume of the arm. Most cases experience systematic sagging of the skin under the arms as they age. For slimming and smoothing results, the reaction can be quick.

To tighten the tissues and give the skin texture, especially in older people, visible results can be observed after 2 weeks. The folds of distended skin, either due to weight variations, post-natal or due to skin ageing, are replaced by firmer, more sheathed skin. Until now, there was no other way than sport or surgery to achieve these results, one requiring assiduous efforts, the other being invasive.

Skeen Patch BodyCorps is easy to use. A treatment that is always at hand and that will, in time, have many other benefits besides beauty. Just follow the instructions and relax and let your body work.


Get a flat stomach

in a way that respects our biology to boost our natural healing capacity.

The belly is an especially beautiful part of the body when it is smooth, an intimate area and the seat of childbirth. Many women dream of finding a flat and shapely stomachSkeen Patch BodyCorps allowed most of the cases tested to lose 1 waist size within the first 15 days of daily use and to obtain a toned stomach. The belly is an area of the body that is particularly sensible tovery pleasant in Skeen Patch treatment. You will hear it gurgle, a sign that your digestive tract is loosening up and getting back into place. You will experience a a feeling of intense relaxation. Increase the level gradually to get used to it. Men will also find benefits in make love handles disappear that have become unsightly. Particularly used during slimming diets, Skeen Patch BodyCorps avoids the softening of tissues and the resulting excess skin. Our clients who have lost less than 10kg on progressive 3 month diets have reported that a treatment before, during and after the diet avoided stretch marks and the softening effect.

Lifting the breasts Amplifying the breasts

Every woman experiences sagging breasts, especially if you have had children. Skeen Patch BodyCorps lifts the breasts and tightens the skin. A treatment on the chest area, placing the electrodes around it as indicated, will give you visible results in a few weeks. Similarly, if you have undergone a cosmetic surgery of the breast, you will heal better and faster. The breasts are stimulated by the microcurrent and it has been found that the increase in breast size in some patients.

Skeen Patch should not be used by people with pacemakers or by pregnant women.
Ask your doctor for advice if you have any of the following conditions: heart disease, epilepsy.

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