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It is the quintessence of medical knowledge and great expertise in micro-currents of the designers - doctors and engineers - of the i.Management Group. From the outset, a demanding and responsible philosophy has driven this ambitious project: to treat and beautify oneself in a different way without the addition of chemicals, while respecting the safety of the individual and the beauty of the surrounding environment.

In order to put high technology at the service of all, inventors have succeeded in simplifying the use of i.patches to the extreme by fixing sophisticated microcurrent programs in the memory of these devices weighing only a few grams and automating their operation.

The challenge was to make it easy and intuitive to use: just press a button, relax and let the automatic programmes run from a gentle and comfortable treatment to a complete stop.

Thanks to the finesse of the electro-physiological micro-stimulations, a real in-depth work of detoxification, repair and tissue reconstruction takes place.

i.Management innovates on several levels, including the treatment of anti-ageing of the facethe Group's flagship method.

Furthermore, the miniaturisation of the SKEENPATCH offers users permanent availability of the devices and respect for nature due to the small amount of raw materials needed for manufacturing and the waste produced during use. Finally, i.patches are medical devices whose quality of manufacturing to medical standards is rigorously controlled and the effectiveness clinically proven in anti-ageing treatment (face and body) as in wellness care (pain, muscle tension, stress or smoking).

Constantly innovating, I.MANAGEMENT has succeeded in developing a complete range of SKEENPATCHs targeting areas as diverse as aesthetics and wellness.

This dynamism gives it a unique position in France and abroad. Protected by international patents and presented all over the world, the SKEENPATCHs are always met with enthusiasm by visitors; they are increasingly exported to the great satisfaction of the men and women who use them.

Hoping to bring more happiness to your life,
The entire i.Management team.