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Our body performs thousands of repairs every day with the micro-current it produces itself. Skeen Patch BodyCorps is a miniaturised medical device that provides micro-current dosed and paced to respect our biology in order to boost our natural healing capacity.

It is a unprecedented innovation or alternative of the same level.

It is important to understand: microcurrent up to 650 μA increases the rate of ATP synthesis and allows - depending on the subject, since it is our own biochemistry that is activated - a process 3 to 6 times faster in the repair of tissues and the regeneration of our cells. In short, your body is restored to its highest potential.

Thanks to our well researched and patented regenerative microcurrent, RCM Skeen Patch speeds up the cell regeneration and thus allows a better repair, a strengthening the body and a immediate relief of symptoms.

A real revolution for the continuous and completely natural care of our body!

For consumer use, at home or to take anywhere, without danger or side effects.

Skeen Patch BodyCorps is effective and easy to use.

Skeen Patch Body Bien-Être is a French patented product. Skeen Patch is a medical device, and as such has the CE mark which attests to its conformity with the essential requirements of the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.

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Our body is a extraordinary biological machine. Every day, he must renew our cells by the millions and repair our bodies. With fatigue, time, incidents, this incredible mechanism struggles, starts to make mistakes and when it gets stuck, it derails, leading to functional anomalies.

Skeen Patch always helps our body to overcome difficult moments and to reactivate its functions at its optimum. By punctually alleviating its fatigue and providing it with the necessary micro-current, Skeen Patch BodyCorps Solo allows a crucial recovery when our body is overloaded or in difficulty. Even when perfect, our biology sometimes needs a little boost. Skeen Patch BodyCorps


SKEEN PATCH BodyCorps, invented by French doctors, was nominated 2 years in a row 
at the prestigious GALIEN PRIZE for Medicine 2017 and 2018.
These awards are a guarantee of the recognition of the medical profession, of the innovation, seriousness and efficiency of the SKEEN PATCH.


Treats oedema and resorbs post-operative haematomas. Used in medical settings for recovery after surgery and operations.


A supple skin, a quality micro-vascularisation, a controlled cellular regeneration for a fine and invisible scar.


Strengthening of bones, ligaments, tendons, nerves and arteries, better regeneration of cells and better endurance during exercise, rehabilitation and muscle strengthening.


Optimal oxygenation of the muscles before sport, effective elimination of toxic products and inflammatory oedema after sport before toning them.


Strengthens the venous return of the legs. Prevents swollen ankles, varicose veins and varicosities, phlebitis of the lower limbs.


Eliminates gas, strengthens the abdominal system, destresses the digestive system and improves transit and breathing.


Relieves inflammation, pain, tension and stress, relaxes muscles, strengthens the back, relieves the spine.


Energy booster, deep sleep restorer, anti-stress and exhaustion, revitalisation, mental recovery, treatment of tension headaches and headaches.


In the treatment of urinary incontinence, it strengthens the neuro-muscular control of the bladder, thus restoring its proper functioning.



SKEEN PATCH BodyCorps, invented by French doctors, was nominated 2 years in a row at the prestigious GALIEN PRIZE for Medicine 2017 and 2018.
These awards are a guarantee of the recognition of the medical profession, of the innovation, seriousness and efficiency of the SKEEN PATCH.

Better healing of wounds and surgery, soothing of burns, tattoo inflammation, etc.

Instructions for use SKEEN PATCH

for better healing

Skeen Patch BodyCorps  helps to heal better and faster.

The healing of accidental wounds or by following surgery is always tricky. If it is too weak or too slow, it can lead to unsightly gaps or depressions. Conversely, if it is too strong or too fast, it can become keloid, which is both unsightly and irritating.

In addition, the swelling and haematoma slow down or even complicate the healing process. It prevents a quality wound healing i.e. a flexible and virtually invisible scar. In most cases, healed wounds leave unsightly marks that never go away.

In this area, Skeen Patch BodyCorps is absolutely wonderful: it harmonises the healing time of wounds, regardless of their origin, by making it well balanced: not too slow, not too fast.

The healing process starts with the first sessions.

Under the effect of the micro-current, the blood circulation is excellentThe swelling, inflammation or haematoma is removed gently but much faster to allow the body to start repairing itself. The effectiveness is optimal. The cell regeneration is optimised and keeps the soft wound edgesThis allows for a very good quality of healing. We call this "controlled healing" and in this exercise, Skeen Patch BodyCorps is simply unique The skin is in perfect condition and the scar will, in most cases, become invisible.

More efficient, stronger, more flexible

During the healing phase - which can last up to 21 days or more - do not expose your wound to the sun, as the UV rays will cause the wound to become hyperpigmented and turn brown!

Our expertise in "controlled wound healing" is the result of years of using Skeen Patch BodyCorps in hospitals.

Skeen Body Well Patch heals well and fast, even in complicated and difficult situations. Varicose ulcers dry up and heal well within 2 to 3 weeks: unheard of!

Skeen Patch BodyCorps  can be used with its 4 electrodes or just 2 electrodes if the wound is small.

After the age of 65, it is strongly advised to do an Organic Silicon cure in conjunction with Skeen Patch BodyCorps  to increase the repair potential of the cells, strengthen collagen, elastin and the skin's moisture level, providing the essential conditions for beautiful skin.


for venous circulation

Skeen Patch BodyCorps Solo is a valuable ally for people who suffer from heavy or swollen legs, marbled legs, frequent haematomas, and want to prevent the occurrence of varicose veins, oedema and complications.

The regenerative microcurrent promotes the blood circulation and venous returndrains water retentionreinforces the tonicity of the vessel walls and the muscular workquickly resolves bruises, hematomas and inflammations.

Skeen Patch BodyCorps Solo allows you to immediately be relieved of discomfort, to progressively and sustainably reduce tingling sensations and swelling, or strengthen the venous system.

The swollen legs or ankles swell quicklyvisible after each session. These results are reliable and systematic.

18 million people in France suffer from poor blood circulation and venous insufficiency. If you already have varicose ulcers, Skeen BodyCorps Solo heals them in less than a month, instead of the usual 4 to 5 months.

SKEEN PATCH is also the best prevention of phlebitis of the lower limbs.

If you do not treat these symptoms, complications from venous insufficiency occur over time, such as thrombosis, phlebitis or varicose veins They may cause, as they worsen, the following varicose ulcers and tissue necrosis.

Skeen Patch BodyCorps Solo is essential for those who systematically have problems when flying, legs that swell up in hot weather or who spend long hours sitting or standing, to prevent possible phlebitis (blood clots).

For those who suffer from impatient legs, Skeen Patch Body Well-being helps to eliminate tingling, pins and needles, burning sensations and to regain comfort and calm.

In the long term, Skeen Patch Body Wellness can completely eliminate these symptoms, all of which are related to venous insufficiency : its effectiveness in this treatment has been demonstrated for several years in hospitals.

Cultivating a healthy lifestyle, walking or doing aquagym will, of course, increase the results and benefits of microcurrent.

Its advantage of being portable and small, the fact that it can follow you everywhere, at home or at work, on business trips or on holiday, makes it a particularly suitable treatment. Skeen Patch BodyCorps Solo will very naturally become your new wellness reflex.



for flexibility and and neuromuscular strengthening

back pains, the tensions, a false move, a kidney sizeone shot,... your body is sore and stiff.

The chronic back pain are widespread: in France, more than 2 million people are affected. The drug treatments for back pain do not solve this condition which often becomes chronic and disabling.

Throwing yourself on painkillers is not the best reflex, you cover up the pain instead of treat your back pain which is complex, insidious and your condition will only get worse, It will have a domino effect on the rest of your body if you don't treat yourself.

back pains, the tensions, a false move, a kidney sizeYour body is sore and you don't want to throw yourself on a doliprane.

You are exposed to frequent sick leave, inability to work, a stiff body, always in pain, increasingly limited mobility, cardiac maladjustment to daily life: walking, running, stairs, carrying objects...

It is imperative to make your muscles more flexible, to strengthen your muscular endurance and your cardiac adaptation to the daily physical efforts that your body, tetanized and sore, has been reluctant to exert for months, even years.

The unique programme of neuro-stimulation by regenerative microcurrent of SKEEN PATCH Body is incredibly effective in this area. Without forcing, you will be able to relax your back, defusing the process. The results are sensational in relation to the requirements of treatment of chronic back pain.

The Skeen Patch microcurrent stimulation is extremely complete and covers 3 important levels of work which allow a rapid and lasting recovery through real physical strengthening. First, SKEEN PATCH Body relaxes contracted back muscles, and then he strengthens the muscular work and finally, it prepares your back for cardio-muscular endurance for your physical activities, whether for everyday life or for sports.

The regenerative microcurrent provides unparalleled relaxation of the body and a restful 100% sleep.

No pharmacological or cosmetic additives are required for the use of Skeen Patch BodyCorps.

Used regularly, SKEEN PATCH Body not only restores your ability to move but also also increases your functional capacity and performance. This is why SKEEN PATCH Body is used in the best hospital services for functional rehabilitation specialising in the RACHIS (spine).

For this type of treatment, you will need 4 to 6 electrodes for the 3 different poses on the back: the first one allowing to treat the whole back along the spine, or more targeted, one shoulders/neck, the other the kidneys.

Skeen Patch Body also works on any part of the body that throws you muscularly, a tennis leg, a wrist, one knee painful, cramping... It soothes you locally and deeply.

Be careful, consult your doctor if your symptoms persist beyond 4 days.


First, you feel a general fatigue and dizziness, then, of the headaches, ringing in the ears, visual disturbances and finally, a permanent stiffness in the neck and upper back, with a gradual increase in the number of depression.

When the neck is stiff and your upper back is blockedIn the end, they are the only ones to be able to cope with the challenges of the day. many noisy symptoms for a single cause: intense muscular and nervous tensions saturate the nerve centre between your body and your head.

Skeen Patch Body Wellness relaxes and quickly lifts stiffness in the upper back and neckIt can treat a wide range of symptoms. It can thus treat headaches and headaches, general fatigue, insomnia, pitching & dizziness.

The microcurrent spreads like a massage, providing immediate relaxationbut also as a sleep restorer and a unblocking biological causes or stress.

Your body is replenished, rebalanced, toned, allowing an exponential recovery at the mental and psychic level. Skeen Patch Body Wellness offers you: calm, relaxation, balance, unequalled overall performance, you gradually regain excellent form and mental health.



Tensionsstressinsomnia... all of which accumulates intense fatigue and your body doesn't follow.

The hardest thing to do when you're burned out and tired is to think about it! Who would believe that a simple energy boost for your body would benefit you so much... From the first time you use it, you sleep better, feel more relaxed and gradually regain your energy.

Skeen Patch Body Wellness acts on a exhausted body in a fabulous way. Its effect on the spine and neck gradually puts your body back in shape and gives you more energy. Do it before going to sleep and if possible in the morning, you will start the day reenergised.

The burnout should not be taken lightly. You are eating away at your reserves, you are in the red: you think and work less well, you consume more stimulants, you are more prone to mistakes, to poor coordination of your body and it will make you pay for it in one way or another.

Take care of yourself! From the very first session, you will understand the benefits. The most difficult thing about being in this state is to realise that a very simple gesture will do you a world of good and gradually, revitalize you.



Skeen Patch urinary incontinence applications

Unfortunately, this is a taboo subject,urinary incontinence is widespread and affects all ages. It is a neuromuscular dysfunction of the bladder leading to involuntary leakage or discharge that spoil everyday life and lead to a whole organisation around this inconvenience.

For people who are affected and remain active, this requires the wearing of protective gear.

In the chronic stage, bladder weakness is a major handicap.

These disorders, Urinary stress, urge or mixed incontinence. Since 2014, our research has focused on providing a real solution of which we are very proud: a return to normal bladder function through neuromuscular rehabilitation.

A course of treatment generally lasting 15 sessions, at a rate of 1 to 2 sessions per week, has proved its effectiveness on several patients, its ability to drastically reduce leakage and, for cases of stress incontinence of not having any at all. Urgent or mixed incontinence takes longer to treat, but 60% of cases show marked improvements.

Once the leaks have disappeared, you will only need 1 to 2 sessions per month for a period of time that depends on the age and severity of your incontinence to maintain the care and sustain it.

The results of the neuro-muscular bladder re-education with Skeen Patch BodyCorps Solo are simply wonderful: the majority of people treated are delighted because they are finally able to get rid of bladder weakness and regain your peace of mind.



Before sport, SKEEN PATCH helps to warm up, oxygenate and stretch your muscles.
Regular sessions will help to strengthen and relieve the intense stress on hard-working limbs, especially when preparing for a competition or in anticipation of a more concentrated activity such as a G7, tennis tournaments or a sports holiday.

After sport, SKEEN PATCH is an exceptional ally to evacuate toxins and relax your muscles before toning them. Forget painful aches and pains and enjoy a moment of incomparable well-being.

The benefits will be obvious to you, you will go further and faster during your sport. Your cardio-muscular recovery will also be faster.

Whether you do high-level sport or sport for leisure, a good muscular and cardio-muscular preparation allows you :

- On the one hand: keep your joints and muscles in good shape. You avoid pain or muscle strains or tears often caused by poor preparation before and after sport

- On the other hand: avoid muscular accidents during tournaments or professional matches. You will discover a new amplitude with less fatigue. You are more enduring and you recover much faster after physical efforts.

Prepare yourself with SKEEN PATCH Body, you will gain performance and endurance while having fewer muscle and joint injuries.

The origins of SKEEN PATCH


Our initial research since 2000, formalised in 2015, has led us to treat facial paralysisof radial paralysis of the hand, levator paralysis of the foot or bladder paralysis.

In this highly specialised field of peripheral paralysis, our research, our work, our discoveries of the blocking mechanism of nerves and muscles and our Successful treatments with Skeen Patch Body Wellness are unique in the world.

We were able to deal with what seemed like a hopeless and impossible situation.

Thanks to the Skeen Patch Body Wellness, our patients were able to moving from the disabled stage to the normal mobility stage. This progress is a great joy for both doctors and patients.

Our work has been praised by the scientific community:

In 2017, we were nominated for the prestigious GALIEN PRIZE for Medicine 2017.

And in 2018, exceptionally, our work is again nominated for the same prestigious GALIEN Prize for Medicine 2018.


Skeen Patch...

We continue our work with perseverance and dream of making paraplegics walk.

We are working in parallel on new Skeen Patch Body Wellness devices, connected and autonomous, with artificial intelligence. This will be a phenomenal advance in patient care and well-being.

Every body reacts differently. Skeen Patch has been proven to be effective.
Sport and a good diet increase the effectiveness and speed of the cures.
Skeen Patch is CE medical compliant and has been granted marketing authorisation in France and Europe by the ANSM
(National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products).

Skeen Patch should not be used by people with pacemakers or by pregnant women.
Ask your doctor for advice if you have any of the following conditions:
heart disease, epilepsy.