What would you like to improve on your face in 30 minutes?

Agnès and Malika, SkeenPatch fans for 2 years

Have you heard about our SkeenPatch discovery workshops?

As you probably know, our products are available online, not in physical shops.

Are you tempted by a box but need reassurance about the results and how it will feel?

Occasionally, the SkeenPatch Product team will come and welcome you in private lounges. Welcome drinks and snacks await you 😊
Then take part in the SkeenPatch discovery workshops!

It's an opportunity to meet our teams, to learn more about the medical history of SkeenPatch, and above all to benefit from personalised advice on taking care of your skin and your body.

You will receive a free trial of the SkeenPatch face and body devices and enjoy immediate results!

You can also understand the regenerative microcurrent operationbut also the genesis of this ground-breaking bio-technology of which we are so proud!

How do the tests work?

Depending on your needs and/or desires, we'll give you the opportunity to try out one of the various possible applications of the SkeenPatch NEO.
The treatment lasts 30 minutes: the time taken for a full session.

During these 30 minutes, we will continue to exchange ideas in a good atmosphere. You'll also be able to meet SkeenPatch customers and content creators, and those with a sweet tooth will be able to enjoy some tasty treats.

What's even more astonishing is that you'll be able to see real improvements as soon as the session is over.
Most of the time, here are the results you will see:

  • The face is lifted naturally
  • Dark circles and puffiness are reduced
  • The cheekbone is plumped up and the nasolabial fold is reduced.
  • The skin is of better quality: the skin texture is finer and more even.
The founder of SkeenPatch and Cyrille Laurent
The SkeenPatch team and Les Chroniques de Sonia

"I already own a Skeen Patch box, can I sign up?" 

The answer is Yes, of course!

We can review your SkeenPatch skincare routine if necessary, and you can also take advantage of discounts on your patch refills (cloud, half-moon, neck for the face and wired and mobile patches for the body).

It's also a chance to discover our other boxes and their applications.
When you register for our workshops, you can try the SkeenPatch face and body treatments.

Do you know the benefits of SkeenPatch BodyCorps ?

  • Aesthetic applications: cellulite, orange peel skin, sagging skin...
  • For health/wellbeing applications: water retention, joint and muscle pain, chronic low back pain, urinary incontinence, difficult wound healing, etc.

During these workshops, we offer you private sales on boxes and accessories: up to -20% off during these events, then take advantage

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See you soon,
The SkeenPatch team