Skeen body patch wellness

Visit all the benefits for your well-being and the body of Skeen Patch Body Bien-être through our various articles.

Thanks to our long-studied and patented microcurrent programs
regenerative, RCM : Skeen Patch accelerates cell regeneration and thus allows for better repair, strengthening of the body and immediate relief of symptoms.

Skeen Patch Body Wellness is a miniaturised medical device which provides micro-current dosed and paced to respect our biology in order to boost our natural healing capacity.

In one device, depending on the areas of application, you will find different treatments on :

  • Urinary incontinence
  • Facial and radial paralysis
  • Digestion, better transit
  • Water retention
  • Blood circulation, varicose veins and viscosis
  • Oedema and haematomas for post-operative treatment
  • Bone strengthening, ligaments, muscle strengthening
  • Recent and old scarring
  • Chronic back pain
  • Fatigue, stress, burn-out

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