How does a treatment with Skeen Patch work?

To be healthy, you need to taking care of your body. Skeen Patch is a medical device which uses the micro current technology. If the micro-current is naturally present in the body, with age, its presence tends to decrease. Skeen Patch therefore provides the missing micro-current to the body and spreads it at a rate that respects human biology. This boosts the body's ability to cell regeneration. It is a natural care designed for the whole body and face. It is applied for a specific purpose or to achieve a given objective. Here is how a treatment with Skeen patch works, according to some examples of objectives, on the body or the face.


The course of a cure as part of an anti-ageing treatment

Does your skin have imperfections and wrinkles? Your complexion is dull, your eyes seem hollowed out by fatigue, the oval of your face becomes less clear? Perhaps it is time to regain beautiful skin with the anti-ageing care revolutionary Skeen Patch.

Thanks to its patches specifically designed for each area of the face and neck, you can get a second youth. The results are visible from the first use. The applications can be done daily for several weeks, at a rate of 15 to 30 minutes per day. Very light, the Skeen Patch electrodes can be taken anywhere for a quick and easy treatment. easy-to-use anti-ageing care. If you are a fan of natural beautyThis new technology has been patented and tested many times in French laboratories.


The course of a cure to accompany a diet

If firm up your thighs, shaping his arms or even get a flat stomach is one of your new goals, don't hesitate to test Skeen Patch! Ideal to accompany a weight loss or a regimeIn particular, Skeen Patch will help you to reduce water retention and to regain a more harmonious shape throughout the body. We have electrodes for the stomach, arm and thigh areas. With Skeen Patch, you will be able to act on the folds or areas in a very simple way, and this from your home! All you have to do is apply the patches to your body and start the programme that will work on your area.


The course of a cure to help heal quickly

The wound healing is always tricky. Especially when its presence is due to a surgical operation. The weakness of the organism does not allow a rapid healing. When healing is weak and slow, it leads to unsightly gaps and depressions. In the opposite case, it becomes keloid and irritable. Swelling and haematoma slow down the healing process. The scarring is too soft and sometimes invisible. In the majority of cases where the healing process is poor, it leaves traces that do not reabsorb.

Skeen patch helps to solve this problem by harmonising the duration of healing of wounds. It doses the healing time so that it is not too slow or too fast. At the first session, the device is placed on your body at specific points. The effect of the microcurrent improves the blood circulationThis helps the haematoma to disappear. This natural treatment allows the body to start healing. The effectiveness is optimal thanks to a cell regeneration. The controlled healing of Skeen Patch contributes to a healing process that is almost invisible.

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The course of a session to help venous circulation

Skeen patch is a real help for all those who have to deal with venous circulation problems. The procedure for this treatment is as simple as the previous one.

After placing the electrodes on the relevant parts of the body, the regenerative microcurrent takes control of blood and venous circulation. It ensures good blood circulation, water retention and venous return. No risk of skin ageing. All bruises disappear as well as inflammation and haematomas. It also helps to relieve feelings of tingling and swelling. Here, its objective is the strengthening of the venous system to promote venous circulation. The results are visible after each session.

It is a real gem of a aesthetic medicine and the Skeen patch treatment sessions are very easy to set up, even at home. Once the patches have been placed on the areas of your body that need to be treated, simply start the device and let it work.


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