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Emblematic of scientific rigour, excellence and innovation, the Prix Galien, founded in France in 1970, is now awarded in ten countries around the world.

Divided into 6 sections, the Prix Galien France recognises the most innovative and effective medicines, research work, materials, techniques, objects, applications or devices in the service of health.

This year, no less than 107 candidates are vying for the prestigious medals, which will be awarded independently by a jury of experts chaired by Professor François Bricaire. The quality and originality of the innovations in the running suggest that the winners will be announced at the Prix Galien France award ceremony on 6 December in Paris.


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SKEEN PATCH the Microcurrent Regenerative is listed in the Selected 2017 which was previewed in the Quotidien du Médecin, Le Quotidien du Pharmacien and Décision Santé last April.

This designation reflects theExcellence of each of the successful candidates.

For SKEEN PATCH, this honour is a prestigious distinction which recognises the quality of the innovation developed by the Drs Vo Quang Dang, Ghestem et al.This is the result of 17 years of clinical research, which provides a major step forward at the service of the patient.

Around the Prix Galien, Le Quotidien du Médecin, Le Quotidien du Pharmacien and Décision Santé are celebrating innovation in healthcare by offering dedicated editorial coverage throughout the year, scientific conferences in conjunction with the award ceremony and many other projects aimed at innovation leaders that will be unveiled in the coming months...


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The Prix Galien France is awarded in 6 parts:

  • Drug
  • Research work
  • Medical device
  • Desmocosmetics and aesthetic dermatology
  • e-Health
  • Accompanying the patient

SKEEN PATCH is in competition in the "Medical Device

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Almost 50 years of excellence and prestige

It was France that took the initiative of creating a prize for pharmaceutical research in 1970, whose reputation and influence have since made it the world's leading award in this field: the Prix Galien.

Each year, the Prix Galien rewards recent therapeutic innovations made available to the public as well as pharmaceutical research work. It thus contributes to promoting and stimulating drug research and to encouraging the laboratories and teams that make it happen. The interest shown by the public authorities, in particular the Ministers of Health, Research and Industry, as well as its audience abroad, encourages laboratories and teams to work ever harder to obtain this distinction.

If the prestige of the Prix Galien has increased over the years, it is thanks to the members of the various juries, which include eminent experts and specialists in each category. In their choice of winners, they have faithfully reflected the therapeutic movement in France for more than half a century and have highlighted the most effective medicines and teams. The reputation of the members of the jury, their scientific rigour and their independence, has enabled the institutional nature of the Prix Galien to be confirmed in the eyes of the health sector and the public authorities. For many years, it has been taken as an example beyond the borders of our country.

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A comprehensive package that celebrates, promotes and advances health innovation

Through Innovation & Galien, all medical innovation at the service of the patient is distinguished

The relay of medical innovation will take on an unprecedented scale in the two flagship titles Doctor's Daily and The Pharmacist's Daily. Discoveries, analyses, interviews through two series, The March of Progress and On the Steps of Galen. Coverage throughout the 12 months leading up to the ceremony to be held in December 2017.

A privileged meeting place

The framework presented by Innovation & Galien and the quality of the meetings it allows and encourages between the research, business and investment communities are truly exceptional. This event represents an open door to new opportunities and perspectives, both for the selected participants and for all the scientific participants.


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April 2017

          Revelation of the nominees in

  •  Doctor's Daily 
  • The Pharmacist's Daily
  • Health Decision 

September to November 2017

On the Galen Steps

  • Honouring the Prix Galien 2017 nominees

December 2017

          Prix Galien award ceremony 2017

An exceptional evening to celebrate therapeutic excellence and reward the best talents.


  • Prix Galien 2017 open to new categories
  • Presentation of the Prix Galien d'Honneur, awarded by health professionals

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