SKEEN PATCH and Functional Disorders - 1. Introduction

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Copyright - Dec 2015

The medical department of IMANAGEMENT France publishes a series of 8 articles on
"SKEEN PATCH Body and functional disorders:

1. Tension headaches and burn-out
2. Pitching and loss of balance
3. Stress and panic attacks
4. Unwellness and insomnia in the second half of the night
5. Functional colopathy
6. Urinary incontinence
7. Erectile dysfunction
8. Difficult deliveries

Functional disorders are common in our modern society where stress dominates and human relationships become more complicated and less spontaneous.
The body is under increasing external psychological pressure, which gradually blocks its functioning. This is the genesis of psychosomatic disorders, currently also called functional disorders.

The functional disorders reflect the dysfunction of the internal organs, which at this stage are still free of any organic damage. The symptoms are specific to each affected internal organ. Thus they are characterised, on the one hand, by the richness of the clinical expressions and, on the other hand, by the paucity of complementary biological or imaging tests.

This constant duality explains the difficulty, if not the impossibility, of diagnosis and of the choice of the proposed treatment.

We can mention tension headaches with stiffness of the neck, temporal or frontal pain in helmet, pitching, loss of balance with the sensation of walking on cotton wool or "floating", panic attacks with a feeling of lack of air and suffocation.

Functional colopathy is a typical example of a functional digestive disorder, with symptoms such as bloating and stomach pain. It is confusing because of the violence of the symptoms and the paucity of imaging or scopy examinations. It can last for 10, 15 or even 20 years before a palliative treatment is found.

Affected by several million women, urinary incontinence remains the most common functional disease. Urine is lost during physical efforts (coughing, running, carrying heavy objects, etc.). This bladder dysfunction is poorly understood and poorly treated. The patient loses all quality of life. Over time, the affected person even hesitates to go out or travel.

Erectile dysfunction in men, caused by peripheral nerve dysfunction at the lumbosacral level, may be accompanied by urine leakage. They are also not well experienced.

Blockage of the cervix during childbirth in women is more common than is thought; here too, dysfunction of the nerves in the lumbosacral region is involved in the genesis of the disorder.

The wealth of functional symptoms and the paucity of complementary examinations often confuse the doctor and contribute to the delay or impossibility of the diagnosis.

The natural history of functional disorders describes diseases that appear surreptitiously, often without any apparent reason, and evolve over long periods of several years. From simple discomforts at the beginning, they become progressively disabling due to the violence and chronicity of the symptoms and may be accompanied by critical pain on a continuous basis.

These are misunderstood diseases: the noisy clinical signs are in constant contrast with the paucity of biological or imaging tests. Patients multiply consultations and complementary examinations without doctors being able to provide an explanation or objective proof of their suffering and propose an adapted and effective treatment.

The quality of life of those affected becomes poor over time. Some feel humiliated, as they say in the case of urinary incontinence. Most patients feel misunderstood by Medicine and are always looking for new, often incoherent, unstructured and ineffective therapies. Even if they are finally proposed, the treatments are palliative and often turn to analgesics, anxiolytics or increasingly heavy psychotropic drugs. The results are disappointing and failure is often noted.

After more than 15 years of research and clinical observations, the Medical Department of I.MANAGEMENT France has come to the following conclusion about the physiopathology of the above-mentioned disorders.

The functional disorders are thought to originate in the spinal hinge (cervical, dorsal and lumbosacral) where the spinal cord from the brain region and the sympathetic and parasympathetic autonomic nervous system pass through.

The imbalance disorders of the spine (deviation, torsion, scoliosis) create areas of tension in the spinal muscles which could, over time, cause contractures, blockages that have a heavy impact on the proper functioning of the spinal nerves and the sympathetic and parasympathetic balance. At this stage, dysfunction of the internal organs appears, which are target organs of the peripheral nerves (spinal, sympathetic and parasympathetic).

By regulating the functioning of the peripheral nerves and removing the blockage of the affected spinal muscles, the Regenerative Microcurrent of the SKEEN PATCH Corps manages to gradually remove (or treat) the dysfunction of the internal organs. It will first provide relief to people with functional disorders and then, a lasting Well-Being after long years of misunderstanding and suffering.

A simple working protocol that is accessible to all, professionals and the general public alike, has been put in place this year.

The following lines will discuss and develop the functional disorders frequently encountered in everyday life. There are eight of them, ranging from tension headaches to urinary incontinence and functional colopathy.

They will indicate how to use the SKEEN PATCH Body devices, how to place them on specific areas of the body responding to the functional disorders contracted. They will also detail the stimulation and follow-up in order to regain the Quality of Life so much sought after.

These indications are unique, precious and the result of more than fifteen years of permanent research.

This is an exclusive work of the Medical Department of IMANAGEMENT France under the direction of Dr. VO QUANG DANG.

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