SKEEN PATCH Face Elegance 18 minutes: an express glow!

Do you know SKEEN PATCH? This small medical device was developed thanks to the discovery of regenerative microcurrent. For 15 years now, we have known that our cells consume micro-current produced by our body to repair itself. During our research into treatments for semi-facial paralysis, we discovered a second kiss kool effect, and not the least.
The microcurrent makes the face FRESHER, TONIC and BEAUTIFUL!

SKEEN PATCH Elegance 18 minutes has been developed to allow the general public to benefit from these fabulous aesthetic results. Maintaining a healthy face, giving yourself an instant healthy glow, is the least you can expect from it.

The skin's texture is refined, the pores are tightened, microcirculation is stimulated, it is rehydrated and better able to withstand stress (cold, chapped lips, blotchiness), it is better regulated (excess sebum, imperfections), the face is smoothed and lifted, tired features (nasolabial folds, dark circles, puffiness) disappear to make way for a younger, fresher, more energised face.

Who knew! Without any additives, our body, our incredible biological machine, knows how to repair itself better than any cream (which we can however combine if we wish) and just tends to be saturated with fatigue, overwork, internal and external aggressions.

The Skeen Patch devices, miniature and mobile, diffuse regenerative micro-current locally and in depth. This current, of the same intensity as that which our body creates itself to repair itself when it is at its optimum, i.e. in full form and young, respects our biology and boosts our organism.

Stimulated by wave programmes for an exponential and pleasant massage-like effect, thanks to 2 serrated electrode shapes, one for the whole face, the other in the shape of a half-moon for the lip and eye contours, the cells of our face then benefit from all the energy they need to beautify you day after day and look after you.

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The Skeen Patch units are also available for 12 or 24 month rental.