NEW: Discover NEO 2023, our brand new range of anti-ageing devices!

NEO, the brand new SKEENPATCH box

This is NEO 2023.
Your brand new SKEENPATCH anti-ageing technological jewel.

But hush! Its final release is scheduled for early 2023.... So be patient 🙂

Just as small, simple and portable as the current version. It is now available in 2 different colours, compatible with full face, eye/lip and neck patches.

But then, what has changed?


NEO is similar to the professional version, which is only available to beauty and health professionals. Except that NEO is dedicated to the general public! 

For independent use at home. It will also allow you to space out the sessions by a day or two, if needed during the cure. But if you do it every day, it's better 🙂



The micro-stimulation is softer and more stable than its predecessor. If some people felt an unpleasant tingling sensation with the old version, this is not the case with this one.



Don't be fooled by its softness and pretty colours, its programme has evolved and now offers you accelerated results. 

NEO has increased the anti-ageing action by 20%, which starts on the 8th day with ANTI-AGE.

It aims at the cellular revival and the synthesis of the skin's support fibres. 

"Like his predecessor!" You may say. But in this latest version, the anti-ageing part (cell regeneration) has been increased by 20%. All this combined with the vascularisation and tissue reoxygenation phases.

Its multi-sequence programme has evolved, so the results are faster!


Because we listened to you and there are no small savings, NEO allows an increase of 30% on battery savings compared to the old version. 

However, our recommendations have not changed in terms of battery quality. Always use good quality 3V batteries that will hold the charge: Duracell or Maxwell available HERE



If some are used to the cure and maintenance then don't change anything. The NEO protocol is the same.

For those of you who have your own stock of patches, don't worry, NEO is compatible with all your patches!

As you can see, we listened to you and NEO was born from your experience, your ideas and your customer feedback. 

We have been working on it for many years and we hope it will take care of you and your skin!

NEO is available in pre-order only!

Delivery from 20 January 2023