It's in the air ... the skin of men

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Men's skin is different from women's and so is their lifestyle...

Stress and tiredness, the features become strongly marked, expression lines become more pronounced, dark circles deepen and bags under the eyes become more pronounced.

Shaving also brings its share of aggression to everyday life.

The skin is sensitised, leaving the door open to irritation, tightness and redness.

In addition to this, everyday aggressions such as pollution and smoking, climatic variations and exposure to the sun alter the mitochondrial DNA of skin cells, thus accelerating cellular ageing.

In addition, men's metabolism and energy requirements are also quite characteristic. With an average daily energy expenditure of 23% more than women, men need a higher energy intake. The stimulation of androgenic hormones leads to an increase in skin thickness and a greater secretion of sebum. Men's skin therefore tends to be more oily, which is more conducive to the appearance of acne. This metabolic difference has a real impact on the skin cells.

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