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After the age of 30, the skin gradually loses its immune defence and skin diseases appear: seborrhoeic cysts, flat warts, mollucum appendicum, sun spots, etc.
Brown or sun spots appear as a result of exposure to the sun. In summer the sun is hot, especially between noon and 3 pm; the sun's UV rays create superficial burns on the epidermis, which can no longer repair them as it did before the age of 30.
These are epicutaneous lesions of varying size, from a few millimetres to several centimetres in size. They are unsightly, darken the complexion and give the impression of unkempt skin. Above all, they are evidence of the beginning of a decline in the skin's regenerative capacity.
The exposed areas are particularly affected: face, neckline, hands (of golfers).
Fortunately, we could help our skin prevent the appearance or repair of dark spots

- Systematic application of moisturizer with a sun protection 50+ (spring, summer) or 30+ (autumn, winter)
- Wearing a hat
- Regular stimulation sessions with the MCR regenerative anti-ageing microcurrent SKEEN PATCH to maintain or strengthen cell regeneration and natural immune defence, accelerate the skin's natural repair and purification processes. MCR SKEEN PATCH can be used alone or in combination with Medical LEDs orange light (yellow+red) repairing and healing
Curative treatment
- When the spots are already set up, the use of a new cold gas in controlled doses could loosen the brown spots without leaving any marks. The operator (the doctor) delivers a controlled dose of the new cold gas to the lesions. 2 to 3 sessions are necessary
- After the application of cold gas, the skin will be stimulated with MCR SKEEN PATCH to quickly restore a healthy, toned, luminous and quality skin

SKEEN PATCH Series 2 is the 1st complete rejuvenation programme based on medical research in BCA. A unique and powerful technology to accelerate the skin's natural repair and purification processes
The complete anti-ageing protocol for the face is done in a single step, non-invasive, with no side effects: stimulates the cell regenerationThis boosts the production of the new collagenIt erases skin imperfections, reduces wrinkles, the pigmentation and redness by reactivating the vital functions of the skin, rejuvenates the look, lifts the features and redefines the oval of the face with a beautiful skin