How to get beautiful skin with microcurrent?

Regain a beautiful skinThis is possible thanks to microcurrent! This is a real revolution for the aesthetic medicine. Indeed, the micro-current used by Skeen Patch has the power to regenerate cells. A good way to slow down the effects of skin ageing and reduce dark circlesPuffiness, bags and other imperfections. You are looking for a natural anti-ageing solution and efficient? Would you like to find a fresh complexion ? Then read this article! We explain how the microcurrent allows you to regain a beautiful skin.

What is microcurrent?

First of all, it is important to know that microcurrent began to be used in 1995 to treat bone fractures, healing and pain. Its fields of application have evolved since then, in particular with the arrival of MCAA (Micro-current Anti-aging). This technology has been the subject of numerous clinical trials and tests in French laboratories for about two decades.

The principle of microcurrent is to accelerate the cell regenerationThis is achieved by imitating the natural current in our bodies. As we age, the molecule responsible for this microcurrent production (called ATP) is synthesised less and less in our bodies. This is why Skeen Patch helps you to produce it again, by providing the skin with programmed regenerative microcurrent. This incredible and patented technology was developed by the medical team of Dr. Paul VO QUANG DANG, in Paris. It takes the form of small medical devices equipped with electrodes, which are placed on certain areas of the body or face.

Why use microcurrent technology?

The microcurrent (MCRP) used by Skeen Patch is a technical 100% naturalIt is more respectful of the skin and the personality. It allows to It is also a great way to redefine the contours and gently work on the natural plastic. If you have the dilated poresthat you are looking for a effective dark circle remover or to reduce wrinklesSkeen Patch is ideal for regain a beautiful skin quality. By boosting the production of elastin and collagen, the microcurrent gradually and sustainably rebuilds the density of the subcutaneous tissue. The first anti-ageing effects are immediate. In short, Skeen Patch offers you a natural lifting instant! Furthermore, Skeen Patch's medical devices are very light: they weigh only 18 grams. They are easy to handle and can be taken anywhere and used while you are doing something else. This regenerating cure is also free of side effects.

How to get beautiful skin with microcurrent?

For regain a radiant skin, with more finesse and tone, it is necessary to get the patches offered by Skeen Patch. You can choose between the anti-ageing face set or the elegance box for younger skin with imperfections. Once the electrodes are applied to a target area of the face, you can then enjoy your beauty treatment at home. The "boost" effect is immediate. Note that Skeen Patch also offers patches that aim to strengthen the neck. Do not hesitate to discover our e-shop !

You now know how to get beautiful skin naturally and efficiently, thanks to the action of the micro-current. If you have any questions about how Skeen Patch works or any other questions about our brand or our products, please contact us.

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