Anti-ageing care: How long does it take to get visible results with the SKEEN PATCH microcurrent?

SKEEN PATCH microcurrent anti-ageing care: how long does it take to achieve visible results?

A real breakthrough in the world of anti-ageing aesthetic medicineThis method of Bio-aesthetics 100% natural is still being talked about. Tested many times in laboratories, it is very effective and its results are quickly visible!

Discovered in 1991 by two co-winners of the Nobel Prize in MedicineMicrocurrent is a technology that is revolutionizing the anti-ageing care. Developed in the 2000s, the MCAA (micro-current anti-ageing) programme is the result of the expertise of French doctors and engineers in the field ofelectro-neurophysiology.


How does microcurrent work?

With age, the microcurrent naturally present in the body loses its performance. Little by little, it can no longer synthesise the ATP molecule responsible for the production of microcurrent. As a result, the cell regeneration is slower and the signs of age are taking hold.

The objective of the anti-ageing microcurrent (MCAA) is to take over this slowed down production. Indeed, it provides again of the regenerative microcurrent and the cells regenerate naturally. The way it works is simple: thanks to these miniature devices fitted with a patch, the microcurrent can be diffused and act deep in the skin and subcutaneous tissues.

Each treatment takes 30 or 60 minutes. It is therefore possible to go about your business without worrying about the patches. Indeed, the device works in total autonomy and stops itself at the end of the treatment. Just remember to change the batteries and the electrodes regularly to maintain its effectiveness. In short, a anti-ageing care effortlessly!

Moreover, there are no contraindications to Skeen Patch treatments! Except for people with pacemakers. It is a device that meets the European CE standards for medical devices. So use as much as you like!


What are the effects of the anti-ageing microcurrent?

It is a fact: with time, the skin loses its elasticity and freshness. Having the dull complexions, the deepened wrinkles, the oval of the face and the looser features is a natural phenomenon linked to the skin ageing. By using the anti-ageing microcurrent patches offered by Skeen Patch, the signs of ageing dissipate and the beneficial effects are numerous. Amongst them, there is a elastin and collagen production boosted. And therefore a improvement of blood circulation, a natural lifting and a lymphatic drainage. And this, without any effort!


How long does it take to get visible results?

Just one use of the Anti-Aging Microcurrent Patches (AAMP) is enough to notice a dramatic difference on the face. Acting as a natural facelift, the anti-ageing microcurrent smoothes the features and provides a immediate healthy glow effect. This is after only one 30-minute session.

A course of treatment lasting several weeks, at a rate of 30 minutes per day, allows visible results to be observed very quickly. The oval of the face is gradually reshaped and the face becomes more toned. You will then find a firmer skinThe skin is more plump. Dark circles and puffiness fade, the complexion is visibly fresher, the features are lifted, imperfections are less visible and wrinkles are filled in. Get beautiful skin and a effortless second youthIt is now possible with Skeen Patch!


You now know that microcurrent is an excellent anti-ageing ally and that the results of Skeen Patch treatments are quickly visible on the skin. Contact us to find out more or come and meet us during our Parisian workshops to test our SKEEN PATCH!

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